How was Viagra discovered?

Viagra is a well-known and widely used Pfizer brand for improving male potency. Sildenafil is an active chemical component for increasing potency.

Initially, the drug was developed to improve blood flow, treat angina pectoris, and hypertension. But during clinical tests, an unexpected result was achieved. It was found out that the ingredient acts actively on potency. An overwhelming majority of test participants noted that during the experiment they felt an increased intimate desire and experienced a rush of blood to their erogenous zones. The desire for intimacy and the duration of intercourse increased as well as the quality of orgasm improved.

The company did not give up the development and decided that this drug could bring good profits. In 1998, the drug for the treatment of problems with male potency, called Viagra, first appeared on the US market.

According to the statistics, every second man between 40 and 70 suffers from erection problems in one way or another. The causes of these problems can be different. The most popular ones include stress both at home and at work, an unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol, smoking, health problems, and various diseases. This malfunction of male bodies can lead to other psychological disorders. Men lack self-confidence, have problems with self-esteem, try to avoid intimate relations with women.